The name for this project “The pioneer” is justified because it is literally the first micro-controller based project in our university.

It was early 2012 . The story of the project started when we were 2nd year EEE student at SUST and an invitation of a project competition came to our teacher in the department and he wanted us the second year student to participate in the competition. At that time we never heard of the thing called micro-controller. Although micro-controller is a common thing worldwide it was not so common in Bangladesh or at least Sylhet. Due to inspiration of our teacher, Mr. Nazmus Sahadat , we [Me along with Tahmid and Jitu] formed a group and started learning micro-controller to do the ‘job’. And it was a daunting task for us because we did not had the likes of arduino in hand and we had to learn AVR. The project would not be able to complete if  our teacher Mr. Nazmus Sahadat had not helped us with learning and every bit of the project.



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