EEE Society

EEE Society is for the welfare of students of department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, SUST. The basic purpose of the society is to organize different programs on behalf of the department . All the students of EEE SUST are general members of the society and by their votes annually. All the teacher of EEE SUST are considered to be adviser of the society and one teacher is selected to be a treasurer of the society. 

The Society is responsible for organizing all the cultural, sports, project competition, seminar/workshop, picnic/study tour in the banner of the department and for publishing annual magazine. 


Executive comittee Structure

1: President ( Head of the Department )
2: Treasurer ( Selected by the President, only teacher )
3: Vice President ( Elected by members, most senior batch )
4: General Secretary (  Elected by members, most two senior batches )
5: Organizing Secretary (Elected by members, second most senior batch )
6: Assistant General Secretary ( Elected by members, second most senior batch )
7: Assistant Organizing Secretary (Elected by members )
8: Class Representative ( One from each class )

Past executive Comittee

      Executive comittee For 2012-13 (First Comittee)

  1. Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal (President)
  2. Biswajit Paul (Treasurer)
  3. Md. Jubair Hossain (Vice President)
  4. Md. Jubayer Ahmed (General Secratary)
  5. Md. Abrar Fahim (Organising Secratary)
  6. Mohiuddin (Assistant General Secratary)
  7. Mohiminul Islam Sakib (Assistant Organising Secratary)


Executive comittee For 2014-15

  1. Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal (President)
  2. Md. Rasedujjaman (Treasurer)
  3. Md. Jubayer Ahmed (Vice President)
  4. Hriteshwar Talukder (General Secratary)
  5. Tahmid Aziz Chowdhury (Organising Secratary)
  6. Shaon Das (Assistant General Secratary)
  7. Nur-e- Tasnuva Habib (Assistant Organising Secratary)
  8. Class preresentatives
    • Shahadat Hussain Parvez (1st batch)
    • Md. Mahfuzul Azam Ghuri (2nd Batch)
    • Md. Siddiqur Rahman Sarker (3rd Batch)