About Me ?

Who am I ?

I am  Shahadat Hussain Parvez. I am an undergraduate  student living in Sylhet, Bangladesh.

What is my ambition ?

My ambition is to become an engineer and help the World with new Technologies. And of course I want  to be a good person.

What do I Love?

I love to do work which makes me feel good. I really love myself very much. And yes I love My country very much.  I love foods .

Where can I be found ?

I am in many place in the Internet. You can Find my contact Info in the Contact Section.

Favorites are always arbitrary and ever changing. Every now and then my favorites changes. But there are always some name that sticks in the mind.

Favorite Scientist

Favorite scientists list of mine always includes Isaac Newton and Nikola Tesla [Although I consider Tesla as one of the greatest Engineer, he has to be one of my most favorite scientist].

Favorite Tech Entrepreneur/Engineer

Bill Gates and Elon Musk comes first in my mind.


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